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Tutorials for Various Marketing Programs and Advertising Systems
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Modified January11, 2019


Hi, My name is Dave Fullmer and I have been involved in Internet Marketing since about 2006.   One of the things that has disturbed me when I join a new marketing program is the sometimes total lack of a clue on how to make what they were trying to teach understandable.  This series of tutorials is intended to share with my associates in business answers to their questions in a manner that is understandable to a complete newbie to the internet.  My goal is to create tutorials that are as short as possible and the whole series could be saved for future reference material to be used when some of the small problems that we all have occur.

This page will be in a constant construction state as I plan to add tutorials for other programs that I have and might have an interest in.   At no time is this series intended to lure you off into some other business.   I believe whole heartedly that you should commit to a program for the long term, and I also believe in loyalty to my sponsors.  That said if there is any informaition on these pages that would lead to my benefit, please do the right thing and ask your sponsor if he is a member first.

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TrafficWave Helps and Tips

All In One Profits Helps and Tips

Generic Program Support Sites
Safelist Advertising 101

Organize your Computer

My List Building Concepts

Free BackGround Images for Splash pages

About Dave Fullmer

Dave Fullmer is a Retired technician who worked 46 years on electical circuitry of automated manufacturing equipmet.   Since 2006 he has been doing various marketing programs on the internet with some successes and some not successful.   He loves to share what he has learned so that others don't have to go through the trial and error frustrations of trying to learn by themselves.   If you have any questions, suggestions, or have a problem doing something on the internet that would make a good addition to these tutorials, Dave welcomes your comments.   Just send an email to the address shown in the signature image.  

Note: (Because the information is shown as an image, it prevents the bots from gleaning the information and sending Dave spam messages.   You will have to manually copy the address to send him a message.) Your comments and questions may lead to an additional tutorial.

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