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Updated January 9, 2019

Tutorials Dealing With Your AIOP account

Understanding Downline and Referral differences

Tutorials Dealing With Your AIOP Press Blog Account

Easy AIOP Blog Setup instructions - Part 1

Easy AIOP Blog Setup instructions - Part 2 - Create Posts

Images for your Blog Posts

Tutorials Dealing With Your Hosting Account

How to Setup your Hosting Account

How to Load an Image on your Hosting Account

Tutorials Dealing With Setting Up Your AutoResponder

Let's talk about Campaigns

How To Load/Copy a Ready Made Campaign

How To Create an AutoresponderMessge

How To Create a Hyperlink in an Autoresponder Message

How to Create Your Autoresponder HTML Capture Form Code

Always Test Your New Campaign

Tutorials on Creating and using the AIOP Splash Builder

Create a Splash Page

Install Splash Page Content

Background Images for your AIOP Splash Pages

How to find and install the Capture Form in you Splash Pages

Tutorials Dealing With PIF Tickets (Pay It Forward)

How To Purchase a Gift Certificate (PIF Ticket)

How To Redeem a Gift Certificate (PIF Ticket)

Advertising Tips
For advertising tips go to SafelistAdvertising101

There are many ways to help you keep track of your advertising in safelists but one method I have found that works for me is a simple speadsheet. When I sit down to do some safelist advertising, I use my spreadsheet to keep track of the amount of credits I need to surf for, when I can make the next mailing and the spreadsheet adds up the total mailings I send out each day. If you wish to receive a template of the safelist spreadsheet I use, just email me and I will be happy to send it to you. You will be able to edit the template to delete the ones you don't want to use and add in safelists that are favorites of yours. ----------------------------------------------------------------
About Dave Fullmer

Dave Fullmer is a Retired technician who worked 46 years on electical circuitry of automated manufacturing equipmet.   Since 2006 he has been doing various marketing programs on the internet with some successes and some not successful.   He loves to share what he has learned so that others don't have to go through the trial and error frustrations of trying to learn by themselves.   If you have any questions, suggestions, or have a problem doing something on the internet that would make a good addition to these tutorials, Dave welcomes your comments.   Just send an email to the address shown in the signature image.  

Note: (Because the information is shown as an image, it prevents the bots from gleaning the information and sending Dave spam messages.   You will have to manually copy the address to send him a message.) Your comments and questions may lead to an additional tutorial.

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