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AIOPeven up system, means that you keep all your odd referrals [1,3,5,....] and will be passing up all your even referrals [2, 4, 6,.....} to your sponsor.  And all your downline will be passing up to you all their even referrals as well.

Think of it this way,  Our system produces 3 referrals for you, 2 you keep and 1 is passed up,  Then the system produces 3 referrals for just one or your referrals, 2 they keep and 1 is passed up to you.  Remember, that's only for one of your referrals, and now You have 3 members that are now each paying $10 a month commission for you.   Not to mention the other referral that will Pass up your 4th paying member.

Can you see how much income potential there is?

If you would like to join a TEAM where we WORK together to get you paid referrals, and are willing to participate in our Cooperative Advertising System you will have success.